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Journey of CryptoPunksBack (CPB) from inception until now:

  • Phase 1: Conceptualization and Initiation (Q1 2023)
    Formation of the CryptoPunksBack concept: A unique collection of NFTs paying homage to the original CryptoPunks.
    Establishment of the artistic direction: Collaboration with skilled artists to create visually compelling NFTs.
    Creation of a solid smart contract infrastructure on the Ethereum blockchain.
    Initiation of community-building efforts through various social media channels and platforms like Discord.
  • Phase 2: Early Engagement – Whitelisting and Airdrops (Q2 2023)
    Implementation of a whitelisting process to offer early supporters and community members exclusive opportunities.
    Launch of airdrop campaigns: Free NFTs distributed to selected community members, influencers, and other key figures to boost engagement and awareness.
  • Phase 3: Initial Public Sale of NFTs (Q2 2023)
    Successful launch of the initial NFT sale, with a limited number of CryptoPunksBack NFTs made available for public purchase.
    Highlighted the unique traits and rarity factors of the NFTs, enhancing their collectible value.
    Execution of targeted marketing strategies to promote the collection and attract potential buyers.
  • Phase 4: Strengthening Community Ties and Governance (Q3 2023)
    Introduction of a community governance system, allowing NFT holders to participate in decision-making processes.
    Organization of community events such as contests and giveaways, and exclusive access to new releases to reward loyal supporters.
    Initiation of collaborations with other artists, projects, and platforms to extend CryptoPunksBack’s reach and offer unique experiences to holders.
  • Phase 5: Continued Expansion and Development (Q4 2023 to Present)
    Establishment of an Art Vault to accumulate additional artworks and generate continuous revenue streams for NFT holders via royalties and secondary sales.
    Evaluation and implementation of expansion strategies to other blockchain ecosystems, broadening the accessibility and opportunities for collectors.


Introducing the CryptoPunksBack Launchpad: Where NFT Dreams Take Flight!

Welcome to our Launchpad, where NFT innovation and community converge. We’re your passport to exclusive NFT drops, handpicked for their uniqueness and quality.

🚀 What to Expect:

  • Unique Projects: Discover handpicked NFT drops that redefine creativity.
  • Empowering Creators: A platform for emerging artists to shine.
  • Community Unity: Connect with fellow enthusiasts and creators.
  • Trustworthy Curation: Quality and transparency at the heart of every launch.
  • Collaboration Hub: Join us in forging pioneering partnerships.
  • Join us on the CryptoPunksBack Launchpad and let’s elevate the NFT experience together!

In the beginning, the concept of these works started with the back of one of the CP, but after realizing how much fun it was to create, we decided to do all 10,000 of them. However, since the heads faced backward, features were limited, and front of them even more so, we faced a big challenge in getting this work done, and in turn, that challenge led to the creation of new features for use on the back of the heads.
The Crypto Punks Back collection is an upgrade to the traditional Crypto Punks collection. We are proud to present this collection to the fans of decentralization and Crypto Punks NFT collection.


Unleash Your Inner Punk with CryptoPunksBack Merchandise!

1. Claim Your Punk on a T-Shirt – Limited Time Offer! (Q4 2023)

Calling all Punk holders! Get your hands on a FREE T-shirt representing your very own Punk. Remember, this offer is for a limited time and only available for a certain number of claims, so don’t miss out! Just cover shipping, and we’ll handle the rest.

2. Show Off Your Punk to the World (Q1 2024)

We love seeing our community members flaunting their CryptoPunksBack swag! Share pictures of your Punk T-shirt on social media, tagging us @CryptoPunksBack. Let’s create a wave of Punks in the physical world!

3. Punk T-Shirts for Sale! (Q1 2024)

Missed the exclusive offer? Don’t worry! Our Punk T-shirts will be available for purchase on our online store post-offer. Given their unique design and limited availability, you’ll want to snag one fast!

4. Expanding the Punk Universe (Q2 2024)

Following the success of our Punk T-shirts, we’re considering expanding our merchandise line. Keep an eye out for new additions like prints, hoodies, or collectibles, each featuring your favorite Punks.

Get ready to wear your Punk with pride! Stay tuned for more information on how to claim your free T-shirt and verify your Punk ownership. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to bring your Punk to life!

The CryptoPunksBack Team

Tokenaomics Staking

Introducing CPB Token & Staking: Empowering the Future of CryptoPunksBack!
Unlock new dimensions in your NFT journey with CPB tokens and staking. Our upcoming tokenomics offer:
CPB Token: Your key to exclusive benefits, rewards, and future utility.
Staking Rewards: Earn rewards by staking CPB tokens and become an active part of our community.
Ecosystem Growth: Support the expansion of CryptoPunksBack through your token involvement.
Future Utility: Use CPB tokens for exciting opportunities within our ecosystem.
Stay tuned for more details about how CPB tokens and staking will shape the future of CryptoPunksBack

CPB Team Description


Lead Designer , Chief Developer


Strategy advisor


Web3 Developer

Red Manba

Marketing and community manager


Marketing and community manager

CPB team description:
“Meet the Dynamic Team Behind the CryptoPunksBack Collection
At the forefront of the CryptoPunksBack journey is our Founder, Lead Designer, and Chief Developer, Asoric. A pioneer in the realms of digital art and blockchain, Asoric’s creative vision and technical prowess fuel the unique elements of our collection. Stay tuned to Asoric’s Twitter for the latest on his cutting-edge work.
Our Co-Founder, Strategy Advisor, and Project Manager, Soltan, navigates the complex terrain of the NFT marketplace with acumen and insight. His ability to anticipate market trends and drive strategic decision-making shapes the course of our project. Connect with Soltan on Twitter for valuable insights on crypto strategy and project management.
Fazel, a Co-Founder and our Web3 Developer, is the bridge between our digital art collection and the intricate world of blockchain. His expertise in Web3 development ensures the integrity and security of each unique NFT, providing collectors a trustworthy platform. Follow Fazel on Twitter to dive deeper into the world of Web3.
Our Marketing and Community Managers, Red Manba and HyperX, are the driving forces behind our vibrant community. Red Manba, our Twitter Admin and Discord Mod, spearheads innovative marketing campaigns and fosters active community engagement. HyperX, our Discord Dev and Discord Admin, facilitates dynamic interactions within our community and ensures our Discord platform is a hub of engaging discourse. Follow Red Manba and HyperX on Twitter for the latest updates, community events, and engaging conversations.
Together, this team encapsulates the essence of the CryptoPunksBack collection — innovative, groundbreaking, and community-centric. We invite you to join our exciting journey as we chart a new course in the crypto world. Stay connected with us on Twitter and be an integral part of our vibrant community.”